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Hotel Kawabata (Nishikawa name)

Zenpei (Suzaki)

Denhei (nami left)

Yamamoto (swamp)

Tateyama Resort Hotel (Konuma)

Southern Country Hotel (Shirahama)

Umisato Hotel (Shirahama)

[Chiba Diving Service Association]

Chiba Diving Service Association

Hasama Marine Park

sea crop

Diving service SARA

Okinoshima Diving Service Marine Snow

Ito Diving Service BOMMIE

Kachama Diving Service

Katsuura Diving Service

Namekawa Diving Service

[weather related]

​・yahoo weather

Weather chart (Japan Meteorological Agency)

Weather chart (

Weather Map (Wide Asia)

·weekInter-weather chart (Bioweather)

Weekly Weather Chart (Sunny Spot)

​・meteorological satellite imagery

Prefectural weather forecast text

Coastal wave forecast


[Ocean currents]

Kanto-Tokai Sea Conditions Bulletin/Izu Islands Sea Area

Ocean Bulletin & Ocean Current Estimate Map

Type of Kuroshio Current

[tidal relationship]

tide software

fishing rate

tide mie yell


The Moon Age Calendar

[Wind and rain, actual value]

Coastal Information System (MICS) Chiba Coast Guard Office

Coastal Information System (MICS) Shimoda Coast Guard Office

Coastal Information System (MICS) Yokohama Coast Guard Office


[Typhoon information]

Typhoon forecast track chart (announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency)

Typhoon information (weather news)

Typhoon Track Forecast (Digital Typhoon)

Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)

[Instruction group]


[PADI Program Participation Documents]

​・Diver Medical | Participant Check Sheet

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